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        Systems and Instrumentation                 NOVA View                                ®                 Digital IFA                 The new world of digital IFA testing                  NOVA View provides a platform                  designed to standardize the analysis                  of IFA slides. This fully automated                  system has the potential to increase                  productivity while providing more                  consistent results. Step confdently                  into the future of digital IFA testing                  with NOVA View.                    •  Reduces hands-on time                    •  Supports standardization                    •  Prompts appropriate analysis                                                                            Description             Part Number                    •  Facilitates case review                              NOVA View Instrument    NV1000                                                                            HEp-2 Module license    NV1050                                                                            ANCA Module license     NV1051                                                                            Crithidia Module license  NV1052                                                                            Tissue Module license   NV1053        6
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