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                          QUANTA Link                                      ®                           Centralized Intelligent Network                   Workfow management made easy                   QUANTA Link is a powerful, easy-to-use workfow management system                   that gives you immediate control of all your autoimmune IFA, EIA and                   chemiluminescence sample processing�                   •  Seamlessly integrates instruments with your                      laboratory information system (LIS)                                                                                 Description                    Part Number                   •  Efciently controls instrument workfow                      QUANTA Link Workstation License  066LINK001                                                                                 (includes Oracle License and 5 Connections)                   •  Optimizes quality control through                          QUANTA Link Workstation        066LINK010                      trending and analysis                                      Barcode Scanner                066LINK019                   •  Delivers positive patient ID for IFA testing                 Eliminates transcription errors in IFA sample processing and analysis                                                                                                                          5
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