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        Systems and Instrumentation                 BIO-FLASH                               ®                  Rapid-Response Chemiluminescent Analyzer                 A progressive solution to                 common problems                 Eliminates isotype batching and reagent waste                   •  Stable on-board reagents allow for samples                       to be run as they arrive                   Improves turn-around time                   •   Simultaneous random access                       processing of all isotypes and assays                       on a single sample                   •  Delivers results, including STAT orders,                       in as little as 30 minutes                   •  BIO-FLASH can generate up to 450                       results in a single shift                 Helps reduce test send outs                   •   Makes even the most specialized                      Description             Part Number                       assays efcient to perform with stable                BIO-FLASH System        T3710-0344                       calibration curves                 Frees up foor space                   •   Small benchtop analyzer achieves                       excellent throughput        8
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